Veterans Leverage Membership Terms and Conditions

Purchase of a Veterans Leverage Membership is agreement with the following terms and conditions.

Membership Agreement

I __________________________(Full Name of Member), as part of my membership with Veterans Leverage LLC (hereafter referred to as “VL”), agree to the following policies and conditions and understand that the violation of these terms may result in my membership being revoked.

  1. -Membership dues whether paid monthly/yearly, must be paid by a valid credit card. Failure to pay dues will result in the revoking of membership access to VL resources.
  2. -Should a member decide to withdraw membership from VL, they must do so in writing or via email within at least one calendar month in advance of withdrawal. Inquiries can be emailed to
  3. -VL reserves the right to photograph/videotape all activities associated with/participation of membership within VL. Please notify VL in writing/email ( if you do not want photos of yourself or your associates to be used for official VL purposes/promotion.
  4. -As a member of VL, I pledge to always conduct myself with the utmost appropriate professionalism and respect towards VL staff, members or guests. Under no circumstances will discrimination, harassment, or illegal activity be tolerated. Any violations of this are grounds for the revoking of membership and any other subsequent relevant civil/legal statutes.
  5. -The use of VL logos or any other branding materials which in any way suggests or implies VL sanctioned endorsement without direct written consent, will be grounds for membership being terminated. All use of VL logos/promotional items by members must receive written permission from a member of the VL executive team prior to use.
  6. -All members are expected to participate in, contribute to and engage at as many VL events as possible. Member participation is the backbone of the community and VL expects members to engage in order to receive the most valuable impact.

Updated: DECEMBER 2020

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