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Why Veterans Leverage

VetsLeverage is much more than a directory listing of veteran businesses, it is the curated and cultivated peer-to-peer community for vets to help each other thrive in business & help other emerging vetpreneur leaders. We’ve assembled partners, sponsors, and offerings our businesses need and much more than that, we’ve set up a system for us to support each other with the best business insights, thought leaders, and most importantly peer experience.

We’ve built a machine that can drive 1000% ROI to our members and a community that is bringing much needed business insight, crisis support, commerce and collaboration to each other. There are other offerings we were pulling together in pre-launch mode when the COVID-19 crisis began to cascade all around us.

Member Benefit Features

The Veterans Leverage community delivers a number of benefits aimed at getting you the resources, training and support needed to help achieve your desired goals. As a member, here are some of the benefits you can get access to:


Our membership directory is a place where you can go to list your business and find other veteran businesses in your area or industry to connect with.

Advisory Experts

Learn from the best. Get exclusive access to our Business Adviser Team, a group of business experts in all different areas to help answer your questions, help you strategize your game plan and help advise a solution to a obstacle or opportunity you may be facing.


Here you will get access to exclusive discounted services and products from our partnership companies that will help you build, scale and manage your business.

Call for Fire Support

Have an emergency with your business? Pop up a flare and Veterans Leverage will be there to help strategize a solution.

Virtual Learning

Get exclusive access to our webinars and virtual training from premier business leaders and trainers. Access to our exclusive library of on demand training.


Receive our newsletter to read about recent issues/trends within the veteran business community, see highlighted businesses, upcoming training and events.


Get a chance to meet fellow business owners face and face and build meaningful relationships and hear from prominent business leaders.


Our unique Veterans Marketplace provides members with a platform to actively list and sell their products and services to other members. List, sell, and get paid today!

Exclusive Deals

Veterans Leverage is the only veterans organization negotiating amazing deals on valuable products and services to support your business, your employees, and your family.

Local Chapters

Get access to a local chapter to attend local events and connect with other members in your area!


Below are our membership levels which includes an option for just a listing of your business in our directory or a full membership option which gives you full access to our benefits. With the full membership level, we provide two primary payment options in a monthly or yearly installment. Hurry now to secure your spot as a founding member and enjoy the option for saving almost 40% by paying for a year up front! Join and start getting access to these exclusive benefits and more today!





$50 per Month


Full Vets Leverage Member (Annual - 20% Savings)

$500 per Month


While in uniform, I knew what I was fighting for. For my country, my family and for the country I love so deeply. Being a veteran entrepreneur has shown me a path to continue that same fight out of uniform as well. Because my success in business is my family’s success and it is my country’s success. It gives me the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the service and sacrifices we made in uniform in ways that speak to the enterprising spirit that has built this great republic. Vets Leverage gives me that sense of support and camaraderie that made me so successful in the military. Now together as a veteran business community, we can continue that legacy for and success for generations to come.
All veterans lead by dedicating some part of our lives to risking, training and protecting our self reliant republic. Once out of uniform, I wanted to lead in the private sector by creating and building something that people were proud to be a part of and contribute to. But without the proper tools and training, it is hard to start, sustain and excel as a business owner. I am such a fan of VetsLeverage since it addresses this gap by bringing entrepreneur expertise, business insights and peer collaboration to help vets excel together, like many of us did in the service.
The military instills the ability to act on imperfect information. You can do hours of research, A/B testing and analysis but at some point, you need to cross the line of departure and draw fire. Entrepreneurship will test you but I know of no other group than veterans, who are better prepared to deal with its chaos and uncertainty.


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