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Welcome to Veterans Leverage: Where Vets Mean Business!

Founded by vetpreneurs for vetpreneurs, Veterans Leverage is the place where veterans who are business owners connect to share experiences, learn and grow as successful entrepreneurs, and lead in the entrepreneurial business community. Local & regional events with great speakers, in person access-to-experts, and virtual content & support on call help our cadre & each of our members help each other and heed the call to succeed together in business.

Veterans Leverage Vision

Vets are uniquely suited to succeed in the business world, but simply do not have the tools to succeed as quickly. Lessons, tools, tips & special vet deals are valuable and abound to VL members, yet the main need is to accelerate our members down the path of entrepreneurship smartly and speedily to grow your business right the first time.

Peerness as a combat multiplier

Our successful entrepreneur members inject their lessons learned AND their powerful networks of experts, thought leaders, and those who’ve succeeded in business to our community so you can learn from the best. And even more powerfully, our peer community helps support push and hold each other accountable in a safe yet constructive environment…And all regardless of the age, stage or industry of your business.

Veterans Leverage member benefits

Our community helps to raise the value to and for each VL member, through leadership on national and local levels to organize events, special opportunities, and to support each other in times of unusual crisis – or opportunity!

Private Peer Groups

Small group forums, local chapter collaboration, industry specific focus groups, events in events gatherings, and extensive virtual support content and teams.

Cadre, Coaching & Mentors

access to curated and experienced experts that help directly, coach better execution, and guide you on your growth journey

Access to Experts

Learn from the best, connect with thought leaders, and learn best practices to nurture growth in your business, family, & community. Highest rated speakers, investors, highly successful entrepreneurs & subject matter experts are brought to our members so you can connect with the best and brightest.

Find, sell, exchange & leverage

Our members can more easily be discovered, sell to our community, exchange goods and services, & leverage under-used assets of members through our opt-in commerce programs.

Our Veterans Leverage Mission:
Over $1 Billion of value to vetrepreneurs each year.

Our goal is to be the goto peer-to-peer community for ALL veteran business owners – from exited & successful owners to startup entrepreneurs. We strive to deliver:

  1. * Each of our members a 500% or greater ROI on their dues,
  2. * Support ALL of our members in times of crisis – or high growth opportunities,
  3. * Generate up to an additional 10x return on member dues with the support of sponsor partners.
  4. * Access new clients, channels, and well vetted vendors and partners

On this journey, we expect to be able to drive over 1 billion dollars in value to US vetrepreneurs every year. We are making strides and encourage you to join the mission and enjoy the benefits of our victory together!


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Join your Veterans Leverage community…</p> <p>No matter how high your ROI, we guarantee you’ll find priceless returns from the veterans and business owners that can become your friends, peers, and colleagues here.

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