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Welcome to the veteran built – and led – member community that is built to drive outstanding value to you, your business, and your extended business family. If you are a US military veteran growing a business – or own a business supporting the veteran community – we invite you to join the Veterans Leverage community.

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We love our clients.

“Stand to, stand up, and stand with us as we drive clients, revenue, savings, and opportunities to you!

VeteransLeverage is created by and for our military veterans who are answering the call to start, grow, and scale the businesses that make our country work.

We believe veterans are the backbone of our country. And we are grateful for those with the strength, initiative, and vision to protect our democratic capitalist society.

We know our vets are exceptionally well suited to  – and should  – start successful businesses to enjoy the fruits of the liberty that we all helped to protect.  And we know we can help each other win.

We are compelled by our mission to be the community that drives growth for vet owned businesses. To this end, our moonshot goal we march toward is to build partnerships and leverage our community to drive over 1 billion dollars in value – per year – to the millions of veteran owned businesses in America.

With every dollar we save you, with every new client we find you, and with each obstacle we remove for you and your companies, we know we are closer to accomplishing our mission and making our country stronger, wealthier, and better – together.

Please join us -right now – to help yourself, to help us drive value to all vets, and to help our future veteran entrepreneurs succeed.”


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Veteran Owned Business Statistics

Here are a few statistics about the Veteran Owned Businesses community in the United States and the economic power behind them.

2.4 Million

Veteran Owned US Businesses


US Firms Are Veteran Owned

$1.22 Trillion

Sales Receipts

5.79 Million

Employees of Veteran Businesses


Veterans Are Self Employed

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