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What is veterans leverage?

Veterans Leverage is a unique and growing community built by veteran entrepreneurs for veteran entrepreneurs. 

Our mission is to bring resources, networks, trainings and other opportunities to help veteran entrepreneurs, military spouse entrepreneurs and veteran non-profit leaders start, grow and manage their businesses & organizations and achieve their personal and business goals.

As veterans we know the power of teamwork, community and the focus on the mission. Veterans Leverage is growing this community to become a fully supportive and encompassing business  network and ecosystem like no other group out there.


Why vetpreneurs matter - the size of our community nationwide...

0 M
Veteran Owned Businesses in US
0 M
Employees of Vet Owned Businesses in US
$ 0 T
US Vetpreneur Annual Revenue
1 %
All US Firms are Veteran Owned
1 %
Of All US Veterans are Entrepreneurs

difference with the Veterans leverage community

Veterans Leverage is more than just a resource. It is a community with tools which you can leverage to grow your business and achieve your goals. Through our exclusive platforms, network access, member benefits and strategic partnerships, we are able to deliver a comprehensive entrepreneur focused support system which helps you turn the obstacle into an opportunity.

We are not your average business community. We are business community built by veterans for veterans. Together we served our nation and now in business we are serving once again because veteran success is American success. Together with our shared experiences, our benefits and tools, we can leverage our experience and opportunities to show the business world why veterans mean business.


vetsleverage membership benefits

Below is part of a growing list of benefits to our members.

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Forums and Masterminds

At VetsLeverage we are dedicated to ensuring you get connected with relevant experts within your industry and network directly with others in your industry who you can collaborate and mastermind with. Through our industry specific forums and mastermind sessions, you can find new motivation, focus and direction to new levels!


With our directory, you will be able to have a detailed listing which not only promotes your business and products you may sell on the marketplace, but it also helps sell your unique brand and story. Our directory also makes it easy to find other veteran businesses which you may want to connect within your industy to collaborate with.

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Weekly Networking Calls

Every week comes with a new opportunity to meet other veteran entrepreneurs, discuss relevant business topics and discover new strategies for growth. Veterans Leverage offers multiple opportunities to learn from experts and other entrepreneurs through our weekly "Leverage Beverage" calls, our monthly "STAND TO" expert calls

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Virtual Learning

Through our unique VetsLeverage Academy in our partnership with renowned business leader Scott Duffy, we have created an exclusive veteran focused virtual platform to help you start up, grow or better manage your business. With 24/7 access, you can learn anytime from anywhere!

Events & Chapters

Get access to our special events! From special panel discussions, investor pitch days and more, you get a chance to not only attend but also help lead and participate! Join a local chapter of VetsLeverage where you can meet other Vetpreneurs in your area and promote your business in your community!


As a member you will receive our Newsletter filled with relevant and impactful resources: Community updates, Upcoming events, New VL Partnerships, New Podcasts, Blog Posts/Articles, New Products on the Marketplace

Advisory Experts

Our cadre of Advisory Experts are available to help coach and mentor you and your business towards achieving your goals!

Call For Fire Support

If you are facing an immediate challenge to your business or have a tremendous opportunity which you want to share with the community, just pop up a flare and the VetsLeverage team will go to the community, networks and partners with

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Business Promotion

As a member, you'll have a lot of opportunities to promote your business, brand and story across our community and beyond: Promote your business across our social media platforms, Participate a personal interview on our weekly podcast, Promote your business and brand through a blogpost in our newsletter, Lead a chapter in your community or lead one of our expert "STAND TO" calls

members also receive these bonuses!!!

Join TODAY and receive these bonuses worth over $1,000 for FREE!

Andy Bailey's Petra Academy

Get access to Andy Bailey’s PETRA Coach Academy! Full of incredibly impactful strategies, insights and tips that will greatly impact you, your leadership team and your business!

Deb Gabor's Branding tools

  1. Anti Elevator Pitch: Most people look at the elevator pitch as a one-way delivery system for information in which you basically just unload and talk extemporaneously to a captive audience. I think there is a better way. An elevator pitch should serve as an ask for permission to have a conversation.
  2. Ideal Customer Archetype Exercise: People don’t buy from you because they understand what you do, they buy from you because you understand them. This exercise is about getting you into this mindset by encouraging you to identify the customer you most want to do business with.

Exclusive vetsleverage members platforms

As a member of VetsLeverage, you will get access to these EXCLUSIVE platforms which are designed to help you sell your products and services on our exclusive one of its kind VetsMarketplace, to learn from some of the nation’s top business minds on our VetsLeverage Academy and to be able to find and hire the best talent for your business through our VetsLeverage Career Center. Together with the the membership benefits, VetsLeverage is building a full entrepreneur ecosystem to help your business achieve new heights! And we are just getting started….

These platforms are worth $1000s but are INCLUDED in your membership when you JOIN TODAY! Check out the platforms below! 

Vetsleverage marketplace - sell

As a member of Veterans Leverage, you don’t just get access to a community and expert training, you also get access to our exclusive veteran Marketplace!! Here you can upload your products and services right inside our platform. From there other members and customers from across the world can purchase directly from you and our system will process the order for you!

Coming Summer 2021

***Picture is of an example of what the marketplace will look like.***

Vetsleverage Entrepreneur academy - learn

Veterans Leverage has partnered with world renowned business leader Scott Duffy and has created an excusive training academy for our veteran members. With this Academy, you will get access to some of the most brilliant minds in business and the veteran community. The resources and trainings within the academy will help you start, grow and manage your business to new levels!

Coming late 2021

***Picture is of an example of what the academy will look like.***

career center - hire

Powered by a company called Talinity, The Veterans Leverage Career Center is an exclusive hub where our members can find qualified veteran candidates to hire for their businesses. Integrated into our platform, our members can list their openings and find qualified candidates who know what it is like to work with a team and support a common mission. Who better to help combat veteran unemployment than veteran entrepreneurs?

Coming Summer 2021

***Picture of the Career Center coming soon.***

Vetsleverage membership options

As a member of Veterans Leverage, you get access to not only our foundation member benefits, but also our FREE bonuses to help you grow your company and you will get access to our EXCLUSIVE platforms to help you sell, learn and acquire the talent you need to take your business to the next level!!!

That is $1,000s of value which you can lock in TODAY for just $50/Month or $500/Year for your first year! Most entrepreneur organizations cost anywhere from $5,000-$25,000 per year and have revenue minimums to even be considered. But at VetsLeverage, we want every veteran entrepreneur  to join our community and to have access to our networks, tools and trainings. We fought together and now we will thrive together!  Imagine having the connection with the veteran community again and leveraging that shared experience as a means of connecting, developing and growing together. For veteran success is American success!!!

As part of our launch, we are currently offering discounted membership dues to those who sign up in the first 3 months. These prices are only available for a short period of time so make sure to join TODAY and lock in this amazing rate! JOIN TODAY and become a founding member of VetsLeverage!!!

JOIN US and help us create the strongest business community in the nation! Let us show the business community why Veterans Mean Business!

Eligible Applicants:

  • Veteran Entrepreneurs
  • Veteran Spouse Entrepreneurs
  • Veteran Non-Profit CEOs/Executives

Ready to join the team?!

Monthly - $50

Yearly - $500 (20% Savings)

see you on the inside.....

Interested in partnering with us?

VetsLeverage is looking for interested partners who are eager to connect and engage with veteran entrepreneurs from across the world to bring incredible value and impact to one of the strongest entrepreneur communities in the nation. If you are interested, click the button below to learn more on how you can join our mission!

Some of Our Current Partners

Join us at a future event & meet the community!

Upcoming Stand To's & Leverage Beverage Calls

VetsLeverage “Stand To’s” are expert calls at least once a month that focus on various areas relating to business and personal growth. “LevBev” are weekly calls with the community on various different topics.

Join VetsLeverage Today to join us each week or email us at to see if we have any free slots available for any of our upcoming calls!

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