Capital Acquisition

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Veterans Leverage has multiple strategic partners that help Veteran owned business acquire capital for everything from large invoices with long payment terms, to government contracting contract advances, to non traditional loans for growth.


StreetShares is “Shark Tank” meets “eBay” for small business lending. StreetShares offers 1, 3, and 5 year business loans of $5,000 to $50,000. To qualify, your business should be at least one year old, earning revenue, and incorporated or operating as an LLC. StreetShares is veteran-owned and veteran-run. Click the button below or call (844) 612-4073 to learn more. If you get funded, Veterans List will send you a congratulatory check for $100.

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Get Paid NOW® on invoices to the government and commercial customers up to $1,000,000 — for the same or less than the cost of accepting a credit card. For 2.5%, you can get paid in days and offload the customer credit risk, while your customers continue to receive your invoices and pay according to their schedules. Click the NOWaccount® logo to learn more about the Veterans List NOWaccount® Revenue Accelerator Program and to apply online.

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Republic Capital Access

Non-recourse, covenant-free programs allowing our members to fund U.S. Federal Government prime and sub-contracts at a better rate than they can achieve from other factoring sources. Monthly financing needs from $100,000 to an unlimited amount can be accommodate .

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